TBO Sisterhood was established over 60 years ago. Each year the women of Temple Beth Ohr support the Temple through innovative programming, social events, and creating a loving environment for the children. Our members have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and create a social network that transfers to personal and professional lives. TBO Sisterhood is an affiliate of the WRJ, Women of Reform Judaism.

Women of Reform Judaism strengthens the voice of women worldwide and empowers them to create caring communities, nurture congregations, cultivate personal and spiritual growth, and advocate for and promote progressive Jewish values.

Throughout the years, Sisterhood has provided scholarships that enable our students to attend Jewish camps, visit Washington, D.C. for the L’Taken Conference, and experience a true Jewish community by celebrating holidays and celebrations. Our B’nai Mitzvot and Confirmation students receive meaningful gifts from Sisterhood. TBO’s Judica Gift Shop is also managed by the Sisterhood.

Join us on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7pm for our Sisterhood Program.  Email for the Zoom link. Online application available by clicking on the blue button below.



Religious School Opening Day Brunch
Ethel Shein Award
Mensch of the Year Award
Golden Girls Recognition
Purim Hamentaschen Cookie Sale
Dine Out Events
Holiday Gift Wrapping Fundraiser
Women’s Shabbat
All-Sisterhood Day
Pink Shabbat (Breast Cancer Awareness)
Guest Speakers
Arts & Crafts
Health & Wellness
Meals of Condolence for families in mourning
…and more!

Our online Judaica Shop can be accessed by clicking here.


On Friday, February 9, 2018, the TBO Sisterhood lead the congregation in worship and presented a photo montage of the past, present, and future women of TBO.



Joann Kotkin, President

Leslie Berger, Executive Vice President

Flo Bornstein, V.P. Membership

Alyssa Hess, V.P. Religion

Rita Rubin, Secretary

Mela Tsyrlin, Financial Secretary

Donna Berglas-Hess, Treasurer

Cher Krichmar, Immediate Past President



FounderMarea Lehman
1958-1959Millie Levin
1959-1960Betty Chorna
1960-1961Muriel Stein
1961-1962Leona Dermer
1962-1963Susan Benjamin
1963-1964Tania Rash
1964-1965Mitzi Simon
1965-1966Blossom Treff
1966-1967Happy Perlmutter
1967-1968Sylvia Williger
1968-1969Sylvia Williger
1969-1970Eileen Haber
1970-1971Irene Fadem
1971-1972Blossom Treff
1972-1973Carolyn Weber
1973-1974Ethel Shein
1974-1975Betty Silber
1975-1976Dorace Zeif
1976-1977Dorace Zeif
1977-1978Elaine Skolnick (Todd)
1978-1979Elaine Skolnick (Todd)
1979-1980Adrienne Casson
1980-1981Adrienne Casson
1981-1982Carol Scher
1982-1983Rhonda Atlas (Garside)
1983-1984Sandra Paskus
1984-1985Sandra Paskus
1985-1986Caryn Saine
1986-1987Caryn Saine
1987-1988Ethel Shein
1988-1989Ethel Shein
1989-1990Anne Lehr
1990-1991Anne Lehr
1990-1991Anne Lehr
1991-1992Sandra Paskus
1992-1993Anne Lehr
1993-1994Nancy Griffin
1994-1995Nancy Griffin
1995-1996Irene Fadem & Sandra Paskus
1996-1997Deborah Middleton
1997-1998Deborah Middleton
1998-1999Ellie Urcis
1999-2000Ellie Urcis
2000-2001Nancy Griffin
2001-2002Nancy Griffin
2002-2003Caryn Saine
2003-2004Caryn Saine
2004-2005Sandra Paskus
2005-2006Sandra Paskus
2006-2007Deborah Middleton
2007-2008Ellie Urcis
2008-2009Ellie Urcis
2009-2010Celia Goldstein & Jaki Norris
2010-2011Jaki Norris
2011-2012Diana Brown
2012-2013Diana Brown
2013-2014Cher Krichmar
2014-2015Cher Krichmar
2015-2016Flo Bornstein
2016-2017Flo Bornstein
2017-2018Cher Krichmar
2019-2020Joan Kotkin
2020-2021Joan Kotkin


1978Ethel Shein
1979Lil Levin
1980Malvina Luetger
1982Sandra Paskus
1983Phyllis Irvine
1984Anne Lehr
1985Caryn Saine
1987Anne Einhorn
1988Evelyn Spaber
1989Karen Cross
1990Dorothy Perrin
1991Irene Fadem
1992Peggy Horwitz
1993Nancy Griffin
1994Marilyn Mount
1995Ellie Urcis
1996Gloria Altman
1997Sharon Koenig
1998Harriet Rockoff
2000Eileen Haber
2001Cellia Goldstein
2002Dottie Rothe
2004Penni Lavoot
2005Susan Carey
2006Leslie Berger
2007Sylvia Williger
2008Jaki Norris
2009Mollie Schartoff
2010Judy Jacobson
2011Diana Brown
2012Marsha Braunstein
2015Cher Krichmar
2016Donna Berglas-Hess
2017Victoria Jacobs
2018Alyssa Hess
2019Noelle Singer


2008Gloria Altman
Bess Bell
Pauline Bernard
Shirley Craig
Irene Fadem
Shirley Grossberg
Mildred Kalish
Jeanette Lefcourt
Norma Liepe
Dorothy Perrin
Sylvia Piltz
Betty Rudolph
Shirley Safier
Mae Salinger
Mollie Schartoff
Ethel Shein
Gert Starker
Berta Urcis
Harriet White
Sylvia Williger
2009Gloria Austin
Eileen Haber
Lorraine Stein
Arlyne Cramer
Peggy Roman
2010Joyce Friedman
Harriet Rockoff
Lila Segal
Allegra Gordon
2012Lily Kramer
Evelyn Levinf
Lila Segal
Allegra Gordon
Ellie Urcis
Evelyn Zucker
2014Fran Benveniste
Sandra Paskus
Marion Schain
Marian Gasser
Rita Silverman
2015Carol Fish
Barbara Tassone
2016Sandra Bloch
Nancy Zinberg
Marlene Fink
2017Devora Lowenstein
Annita Rosenblum
Trudy Dubovy
2018Rhonda Garside
Julie Weil
Adrienne Casson
Magret Hershkowitz
2019Karen Katz
Eleanor Richman
2020Joan Goodman
Marlene Mincher
Betty Madick
Elaine Sacker
Phyllis Nathanson
Pnina Shichor
Sylvia Schmidt

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Marci’s Challah Recipe

(borrowed from Deborah who adapted it from @Mandylicious on Instagram)

Yield-2 large loaves, 3 small loaves


1 1/3 cup warm water (95-105 degrees)

1/3 cup oil (any kind except coconut)

2 whole eggs OR 4 egg yolks

2 teaspoons sea or table salt (not kosher; if using kosher, 1 teaspoon only)

4.5-5.5 (plus extra) cups bread flour or all-purpose flour

1/2 cup sugar (generous scoop!)

1 tablespoon instant yeast (active dry is fine too, but increase to 1 1/4 tablespoons, and needs to be activated with 1/2 cup of warm water from the total amount and 2 teaspoons of sugar)

Note: the packets of yeast are 2 1/4 teaspoons


1. Combine all the ingredients either in a mixer, by hand or in bread machine on dough cycle. Since the yeast is instant you don’t have to proof it first, so easy!! (If using active, it needs to be proofed first). Mix the dry active yeast, 1/2 cup of warm water and sugar, and wait for a foam to appear. I prefer using a glass bowl for this. While it sits and starts to activate, measure the oil and crack the eggs into the mixing bowl. Add in the activated yeast mixture, then add salt and flour. If using a bread machine, 4.5 cups of bread flour is enough, 5 if all-purpose. By hand or mixer, add until you have the right consistency, closer to 5-5.5, it depends on so many factors.

2. Knead by hand or mix with dough hook for at least 5 minutes, adding flour as needed until it is soft and elastic and tacky and smooth, but not sticky or dry. Then lightly coat a clean bowl with oil, then turn the dough to coat and leave in the bowl to rise, covered with plastic wrap and/or a clean dish towel. Let it rise about 90 minutes, could be more or less depending on the weather.

3. Divide dough in half, then divide each half into thirds for a traditional braid. Roll each piece into a rope or snake. Taper the ends to keep the middle a bit fatter. You may want to very lightly flour your board for this. Don’t flour too much or the challah won’t hold its shape and will taste dry!!

4. Braid the two loaves and put on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Cover again with the plastic wrap or dish towel and let rise again about 30-45 minutes until puffy and jiggles when you move the baking sheet. It won’t quite double in size but will rise more!

5. Lightly beat an egg or egg yolk with a drop of water to make an egg wash and brush the challahs with the egg wash and your choice of sprinkles, salt, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, everything bagel seasoning, etc. (If you want chocolate chips or raisins, mix it into the dough as you’re rolling your strands out or flatten the ropes, fill them, then roll and braid).

6. Bake at 350 for about 25-35 minutes, check after 12-15 minutes or so and rotate the pans 180 degrees so they bake evenly and don’t get too brown. When they look done (golden brown) and the bottom is lightly browned, they’re ready! Tap the bottom of each challah, listening for a hollow sound. Let cool on baking sheet for about 10 minutes then transfer to a cooling rack to cool.

7. Eat and enjoy! Shabbat shalom!