Our History


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The city of La Mirada was an area of olive groves and was first subdivided in 1954. Among the earliest adventuresome residents were 8 Jewish families who discovered each other by placing information cards at the supermarket.

The number of Jewish families had grown to 40 by 1956, when the group decided to formalize their association by creating the La Mirada Jewish Community Center and duly elected a slate of officers. They started a Religious School for the children with voluntary teachers, in members’ homes. During the next 4 years, meetings were held in a series of local churches, public schools and even at a dance studio. The group felt like the Jews of old wandering in the wilderness, and they were very grateful for the support of their Christian neighbors. This unique relationship of friendship is just as strong today.

The year 1960 was a milestone. The Jewish families of La Mirada bought the land at Rosecrans and Santa Gertrudes, constructed the first phase of the building plan, changed their name to Temple Beth Ohr, and started the Temple Sisterhood. In 1974 the formal sanctuary was constructed, and in 1988 the building was completed with the addition of a foyer.

Rabbi Lawrence Goldmark served TBO for 29 years and retired in the spring of 2008, and is now our Rabbi Emeritus. We welcomed Rabbi Mark Goldfarb at that time to add another productive chapter to our Temple’s story. Rabbi Goldfarb retired in 2023, after serving TBO for 15 years. Our newest addition is Rabbi Len Muroff, who began in July 2023.

In looking back over the years, Temple Beth Ohr can trace a pattern of continued service not only to the La Mirada Jewish Community, but to the surrounding communities as well. Now we have a strong Religious and Hebrew Learning Lab, planned activities for our teenagers, a strong Sisterhood and Brotherhood, and an Adult Education series. We offer uplifting and meaningful Shabbat and holiday worship services, life-cycle events, and opportunities for enrichment and connection. We welcome singles, seniors and families of all compositions.


Year Rabbi
1960-1962Julian Flegg
1962-1964Jacob Halevi
1964-1969Arthur Oles
1969-1971John Sherwood
1971-1979Edward Chesman
1979-2008Lawrence Goldmark
2008-2023Mark Goldfarb
Year Cantor/Cantorial Soloist
1966-1977Irv Green
1977-1979Caroline Moore
1979-1981Steve Showstack
1981-1990Sidney Bloom
1990-1992Andrew Erman
1992-1994Lisa Sharlin
1994-1996Richard Schwartz
1996-2010Shannon McGrady Bane
2010-2012Kyle Cotler
2012-2014Yoni Regev
2014-2020Arielle Goldfarb
2020-2022Ken Jaffe
2022-2023Stacey A. Morse
1955-1956John Stanley
1956-1957Fred Benjamin
1957-1958Donald Gittleson
1958-1959Lawrence Held
1959-1960Leo Lofchie
1960-1961Jack Eskanazi
1961-1962Ray Routh
1962-1963Leo Lofchie
1963-1964Harley Rockoff
1964-1966Herb Palmer
1966-1967Emilio Urcis
1967-1968Hartland Ukes
1968-1969Arthur Rothe
1969-1970Leo Lofchie
1970-1972Harley Rockoff
1972-1974Leonard Braunstein
1974-1975Sanford Bloch
1975-1976Leo Lofchie
1976-1977Harley Rockoff
1977-1979Carole Sherman
1979-1980Leo Lofchie
1980-1982Irwin Berman
1982-1984Lou Piltz
1984-1985Leo Lofchie
1985-1986Shirley Grossberg
1986-1988Harley Rockoff
1988-1989Leo Lofchie
1989-1990David Saine
1990-1992George Sicklick
1992-1993Sandra Paskus
1993-1994Leo Lofchie
1994-1996Carole Sherman
1996-1997Lou Zucker
1997-1999Dianne Guggenheimer
1999-2002Steve Weisel
2002-2003Dottie Rothe
2003-2005David Saine
2005-2008Jeff Scheer
2007-2010Sharon Kravitz
2010-2013Leslie Berger
2013-2014Sharon Kravitz
2013-2016Steve Weisel
2016-2019David Yungman
2019-2022Dena Jastroch
2022-2023Leslie Berger & David Yungman