Where living & learning Judaism is a joy!

TBO Religious School Opening Day:
Sunday, September 13th
9:30 AM

We begin with Breakfast 


TBO Religious School:
Sundays, 9:30 AM - 12 PM

TBO Hebrew Lab:
Wednesdays, 4 PM - 6PM

Religious School Year In Review 5778!

Learning At Temple Beth Ohr Is:


Temple Beth Ohr utilizes the Chai and Mitkadem curriculum of the Union for Reform Judaism to creatively engage our students in exploring Jewish holidays, history, Hebrew and culture. We encourage interactive classroom settings, the use of computers and internet, as well as intergenerational and family learning opportunities to further enhance our students’ learning experience. Our students, in turn, feel a greater connection to Judaism and to Temple Beth Ohr.


More than routine reliance on memorizing facts and figures, our educational program strives to connect our students to the meanings of Jewish holidays, prayers and historical experience. We encourage our students to interact with each other, their teachers, learning materials, and Rabbi and Cantor, in a supportive environment. We strive to foster in our students feeling Jewish as much as knowing about Judaism.


Religious School Fees:

Hebrew Lab Fees:

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fee:
(not including facility fee)

Confirmation Fee:
(includes L'Taken Seminar)